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Cider and tourism


Recently, while visiting one of my favorite tourism places in the world, I stumbled upon a cider festival. Not knowing much about cider, I visited a local site, in order to find out more about cider and its importance in tourism. Spirits have long been a draw at many tourism destinations, and this festival solidified that fact.

While browsing the site, I learned a great deal about how cider influences the tourism industry, especially in the place that I was visiting. Quickly becoming the largest spirit draw aside from wine, cider is now one of the most popular drinks for tourists, to the point of becoming something larger than it was in the past. Beer and wine are still up there as far as the spirits that people enjoy, but cider is experiencing sort of a revolution that people are beginning to notice.

A Midwest thing

Being from the Midwest myself, I learned that this was essentially the birthplace of the cider revolution. Hard cider Ohio and hard cider Indiana movements are at the forefront of the revolution, and I am proud to say that I am now fully engaged in it. My recent trip sparked my interest, and I was to find that it had already spread further than I originally anticipated. It is now overtaking beer and wine as the most popular spirit in the region and with good cause.

If you’ve never been to the Midwest, I can tell you that the winters are cold and the summers are hot. Hard cider is the perfect drink for these occasions, and many of the brands grow their ingredients locally. As someone that is also a fan of organically grown local food, this only solidified my love for cider and its versatility.


When it comes to the hard cider movement, it’s just as much about where it is taking place as it is what is taking place. The Midwest is the birthplace of hard cider, and is seeing the most rapid expansion of the drink as a spirit that everyone can enjoy. No matter where you are, chances are that hard cider will be coming to a pub near you.

Touring safely


As someone that has traveled quite frequently, I always experience a sense of euphoria when I’m out and about. However, while there may be a temptation to feel invincible when touring, there is always a danger that someone may try to take advantage of this.

Many people think that criminals will not mess with tourists, that most of the crime in the country is isolated to the city’s population. However, this is not true, and tourists are some of the most common victims of petty crimes. The most common is that of being robbed.

Protecting yourself

Like many situations, the primary way in which to stay protected is by being aware of your surroundings. Many tourists are either robbed when they are not paying attention of if they are wandering in an isolated area at night. Being aware means sticking to well-lit areas and paying attention to your surroundings at all times.

In addition, it may be wise to keep valuables in front pockets rather than back pockets, which makes it harder for people to steal your belongings. In some cases, a pack on the front may not be the most stylish thing to wear, but may help protect your valuables. Above all, report and suspicious behavior to local authorities.


Staying safe while touring means staying out of areas that are not well-lit, securing your belongings, and being aware at all times. Crime can happen to you, so it is best to minimize the threat by being aware of this fact.

Staying up to date on culture


Culture is something that is constantly moving, a living, breathing entity that is always changing with the people that it touches. In order to stay up to date on culture, it is crucial to keep up on travel to exotic locations frequently. Some of my favorite locations, which I have visited numerous times, are different each time I go.

As someone that travels quite frequently, I can tell you that culture is always changing, and in order to stay on top of your culture game, it is essential that you keep an open mind and realize that culture is a fluid part of humanity.

Keeping up

Much like any form of art, it is important to keep up with the art in order to have full knowledge of the topic. Like a good album, culture must be revisited in order to fully appreciate its importance. Once culture is ignored, it loses much of its importance. Again, like any area of art, culture requires an open mind and attention to detail.

By traveling to countries that I have visited before, I am able to see how the culture has changed. In my home country, culture changes all of the time, and it would be foolish to think that this wasn’t the case in other countries. I am able to speak so effectively about culture because I have done the work required to keep up on it. Those interested in culture must never forget that staying current means staying on the move.

Travel culture


Those that enjoy traveling know the importance of absorbing the culture of the places in which you travel. This is not only the best way to become a more rounded human being, but it will allow you to further enjoy travel. As someone that has traveled a number of places, the most exciting thing is to learn about the culture of other countries.

Sure, sights and events are part of the draw, but talking to the people native to the country is really what travel is all about. Now it is not only the culture of the people that helps enrich lives, but it is also the way in which travelers interact with the surroundings.

Cultural hot spots

While it is beneficial to travel to virtually any other country in the world, there are a few that travelers will all say are must visit locations. Full of the sights and sounds of the country, it also has the ability to change lives due to its rich culture and historical relevance.

It is true that some places have more culture than others, but it is about how you choose to absorb the culture. By keeping an open mind and being ready to adapt to change, it becomes much easier to become cultured and improve your ow inner-peace.


There are many reasons to travel, the most important being that it helps build character and culture. The more places visited, the better one can relate to the world around them and the people in it.

Music culture

Music and culture often go hand in hand. The more people appreciate music, the more cultured they are in essence. However, things have changed when it comes to what music people consider to be cultured music. There was a time in which people only thought that classical music showed any semblance of class.

However, today, people understand that culture and music, while they go hand in hand, are different than they once were. Today, culture means the appreciation of music rather than the genre. There are instances where culture and music overlap, in that they are one in the same.

Bridging the gap

Culture and music will always be connected, but the line is drawn between which music is culture and which music is music. Bridging the gap means finding the divide between the two an getting rid of any notions that separate them.

Culture means having an awareness to things that might be different from what you are used to. Culture in music means making this distinction while also knowing that both things are connected. There comes a time in which both things are one in the same, that appreciating one means appreciating the other.


Music is culture. Culture is music. By knowing one, you automatically know the other. It may not be the textbook definition, but it is important to remember that culture and music cannot be separated, and that liking one automatically means liking the other.

Faces of the past


Our country, like many, has a number of buildings rich in history both in local and global ways. A rich history of people moving in and out of the area, exploring new lands, and helping to build the great country we have today. In order to fully understand the nature of tourism, one must first understand the vehicles in which culture is built.

Today, there is little land that is unoccupied, and this has been the case for quite a long time. Even when you consider the people that live in certain areas today, you must also understand that these are oftentimes not the native people of the land. Colonialism has spread far and wide, and what we get is a mix of their culture combined with that of the native people.


History is written by the victor, and many native people are not there to tell the tale. In many cases, you get native populations with rich cultural history that is hardly taken into account when one thinks about the culture of the country. Think of the United States. The Native Americans played a large role in defining the land today, but it is not often associated with American culture.

By understanding that we all play a part in making culture, it is important to understand that all cultures should be celebrated. In my tourism experience, I have made it a goal not only to learn about the modern culture, but research how it came to be.

Culture today


Culture is largely a product of the time in which it is assessed. In the past, culture involved seeing stage plays and enjoying a fine wine. Today, while there is a lot of overlap, it has changed due to a more global landscape and way in which we interact with others.

Sometimes people ask me how much the Internet has contributed to culture, to which I say “a lot”. The Internet brought about the social media movement and gave us access to other cultures around the world. The global landscape has always shown us that there are many different ways in which to experience culture.

Global culture

Wine, music, art, movies, these are all forms of culture that are pretty universal. Whether you are in the United States or across the world in Japan, these are all things that people use to connect with others. The world is interconnected in a way in which we never thought possible, simply due to the fact that social media now lets us learn how other cultures live.

Good or bad, social media has changed the way in which we live, how we connect, and what we define as culture. It does not take a mystic to know that today, culture is much different than it was one hundred years ago. Moving forward, we can expect to see innovations in technology and social media, which will further connect us with the rest of the world. In the future

What is culture?


When you think about culture, what do you think about? Many people have the image in their head of sipping a fine wine while looking at art and listening to classical music. And while there is no denying that this is a form of culture, there are many definitions that people can adhere to. To me culture is a frame of mind

What I mean by this is that there is so much around the world to absorb, and any way in which you do it makes you a more cultured person. In short, culture is an interest and willingness to explore the world around you and learn about other people and what makes them tick.

A frame of mind

Culture is art, wine, and music, but it is also getting out there and seeing the world. Anytime you are in a different country, or even a different state, you start to pick up a few things about the people of the area, many of which might be different than what you are used to.

The beauty of culture is that everybody has it, and those willing to learn about other culture will become better people as a result. In some ways, culture does not need to be fancy, but simply a way to expand your mind, tastes, and other areas of your life.


One does not have to travel far to experience culture, they simply have to have the willingness to learn about other people and how they live. Anybody can be cultured, all t takes is the right mindset.