Culture today


Culture is largely a product of the time in which it is assessed. In the past, culture involved seeing stage plays and enjoying a fine wine. Today, while there is a lot of overlap, it has changed due to a more global landscape and way in which we interact with others.

Sometimes people ask me how much the Internet has contributed to culture, to which I say “a lot”. The Internet brought about the social media movement and gave us access to other cultures around the world. The global landscape has always shown us that there are many different ways in which to experience culture.

Global culture

Wine, music, art, movies, these are all forms of culture that are pretty universal. Whether you are in the United States or across the world in Japan, these are all things that people use to connect with others. The world is interconnected in a way in which we never thought possible, simply due to the fact that social media now lets us learn how other cultures live.

Good or bad, social media has changed the way in which we live, how we connect, and what we define as culture. It does not take a mystic to know that today, culture is much different than it was one hundred years ago. Moving forward, we can expect to see innovations in technology and social media, which will further connect us with the rest of the world. In the future

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