Faces of the past


Our country, like many, has a number of buildings rich in history both in local and global ways. A rich history of people moving in and out of the area, exploring new lands, and helping to build the great country we have today. In order to fully understand the nature of tourism, one must first understand the vehicles in which culture is built.

Today, there is little land that is unoccupied, and this has been the case for quite a long time. Even when you consider the people that live in certain areas today, you must also understand that these are oftentimes not the native people of the land. Colonialism has spread far and wide, and what we get is a mix of their culture combined with that of the native people.


History is written by the victor, and many native people are not there to tell the tale. In many cases, you get native populations with rich cultural history that is hardly taken into account when one thinks about the culture of the country. Think of the United States. The Native Americans played a large role in defining the land today, but it is not often associated with American culture.

By understanding that we all play a part in making culture, it is important to understand that all cultures should be celebrated. In my tourism experience, I have made it a goal not only to learn about the modern culture, but research how it came to be.

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