Music culture

Music and culture often go hand in hand. The more people appreciate music, the more cultured they are in essence. However, things have changed when it comes to what music people consider to be cultured music. There was a time in which people only thought that classical music showed any semblance of class.

However, today, people understand that culture and music, while they go hand in hand, are different than they once were. Today, culture means the appreciation of music rather than the genre. There are instances where culture and music overlap, in that they are one in the same.

Bridging the gap

Culture and music will always be connected, but the line is drawn between which music is culture and which music is music. Bridging the gap means finding the divide between the two an getting rid of any notions that separate them.

Culture means having an awareness to things that might be different from what you are used to. Culture in music means making this distinction while also knowing that both things are connected. There comes a time in which both things are one in the same, that appreciating one means appreciating the other.


Music is culture. Culture is music. By knowing one, you automatically know the other. It may not be the textbook definition, but it is important to remember that culture and music cannot be separated, and that liking one automatically means liking the other.

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