Cider and tourism


Recently, while visiting one of my favorite tourism places in the world, I stumbled upon a cider festival. Not knowing much about cider, I visited a local site, in order to find out more about cider and its importance in tourism. Spirits have long been a draw at many tourism destinations, and this festival solidified that fact.

While browsing the site, I learned a great deal about how cider influences the tourism industry, especially in the place that I was visiting. Quickly becoming the largest spirit draw aside from wine, cider is now one of the most popular drinks for tourists, to the point of becoming something larger than it was in the past. Beer and wine are still up there as far as the spirits that people enjoy, but cider is experiencing sort of a revolution that people are beginning to notice.

A Midwest thing

Being from the Midwest myself, I learned that this was essentially the birthplace of the cider revolution. Hard cider Ohio and hard cider Indiana movements are at the forefront of the revolution, and I am proud to say that I am now fully engaged in it. My recent trip sparked my interest, and I was to find that it had already spread further than I originally anticipated. It is now overtaking beer and wine as the most popular spirit in the region and with good cause.

If you’ve never been to the Midwest, I can tell you that the winters are cold and the summers are hot. Hard cider is the perfect drink for these occasions, and many of the brands grow their ingredients locally. As someone that is also a fan of organically grown local food, this only solidified my love for cider and its versatility.


When it comes to the hard cider movement, it’s just as much about where it is taking place as it is what is taking place. The Midwest is the birthplace of hard cider, and is seeing the most rapid expansion of the drink as a spirit that everyone can enjoy. No matter where you are, chances are that hard cider will be coming to a pub near you.

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